JW Marriott Convention Center and Hotel, Indianapolis, IN

REI’s history is rooted in the growth in Indianapolis, Indiana—one of America’s most dynamic, livable cities.

With investment in office developments in Carmel, Indiana beginning in the late 1970s… to the creation of major Downtown Indianapolis office buildings in the 1980s… REI has a long history of experience and expertise in the Greater Indianapolis area. In 1994, REI Real Estate Services was formed to lease, asset manage, construct, and develop these investments and others.

In the past three decades, we’ve seen Indianapolis grow from a “big small town” to a world-class American city. And we’re proud of the significant role we’ve played.

Purpose & Vision

At REI, we believe our actions speak louder than words. But words help define our actions and our expectations of our partners. Here’s what we believe:

We are a real estate solutions company. We use our extensive knowledge and experience to provide development, property management, leasing and/or consulting services to our customers to enable them to maximize the value of their real estate investments while making environmentally-conscious decisions.

We know real estate because we own real estate. We listen and present a process that is well thought out and strategic. We are reliable and trustworthy and act with a high degree of integrity, consistent with our commitment to always exceed the expectations of our customers.

We are a team-oriented company our employees are proud of. We provide them a fun, exciting and challenging work environment, where they want to come and participate, which encourages and provides opportunities for them to grow personally, professionally and spiritually, and where they are recognized and rewarded for their accomplishments and contributions.